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Laterras R. Whitfield is more than a man with a unique name. He's an entertainer, a writer, a Christian, and a man who tells stories about people whose names you may have never cared to know.

"I see this going viral," Whitfield told NewsFix about his new passion, the HomeBless Life. "My main objective is for it to actually be a viable reality show on a major network. I wanna go across the country." 

No roses, no house guests, no competitions, no island paradise. All Laterras cares about is kindness.

"The whole mission of what I do is for everybody to be empowered to be a blessing in any way that you see, but be a blessing," he said. When Whitfield went under I-45 in Dallas and into the homeless camp below, he was on a mission. "I was writing a play about the homeless," he said. "Came out here and started interviewing some homeless people to get some research."

It was a particularly personal project for the North Texas native. "My brother, I haven't seen him in about 14 years. He's homeless," Whitfield said. "When his birthday comes up, July 12, I always say, 'Wow, I hope he's alive.' I always have these nightmares at times thinking about that." A near-death experience brought his brother back to him all those years ago, but their reunion only lasted about a week before Day Moss disappeared again.

The combination of his brother and the play he was writing got him down there, but it was a homeless man named Alvin who ultimately impacted Laterras. "His tent was real small, and he was telling me about when he had to bathe himself he had to lay on his back to wash off," Whitfield said. "I was like, 'You know what, I can get you a tent.' I didn't know how much tents cost, but I said, 'I can definitely get you a tent.'"



Christian theater is transcending into a new era and national playwright, director, producer Laterras R. Whitfield is responsible for this paradigm shift. Whitfield is revolutionizing the gospel with his innovative and creative productions.

His career immediately skyrocketed after the success of his hit play What Men Don’t Tell, which toured from 2002-05. The dynamic show starred husband and wife duo Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore, gospel extraordinaire Dottie Peoples, the legendary Lenny Williams, and Gary Jenkins from the platinum selling R&B group Silk. Throughout it’s two and half year run, Tichina Arnold (Martin, Everybody Hates Chris) and Carl Payne (Martin, Cosby Show) were also apart of the cast. Over 300,000 patrons supported the tour, which planted the seed to making Whitfield a leader in the urban play circuit. The play garnered over 16 million dollars in ticket sales. Due to the overwhelming success of What Men Don’t Tell, the film adaptation is highly sought after.

During the run of WMDT, Whitfield got a call requesting his talents for a play specially written and produced for Judge Greg Mathis. Whitfield responded with a play entitled, Tell it to the Judge, which also starred Ralph Tresvant of New Edition fame. That year, Whitfield had an amazing two shows touring the country simultaneously. Tell it to the Judge successfully connected the television judge face-to-face with his loyal fans.

Issues: We all Got‘em (starring Kim Fields, Angie Stone, Dave Hollister, Darrin Henson, Alexis Fields-Jackson, Christopher Williams, Terron Brooks and LaToya London) was heralded as the gospel play that “transcends genre” (The Dallas Morning News – Lawson Taitte). Issues toured the U.S. to rave reviews and audiences welcomed the breath of fresh air from the innovative production.

His most recent touring production By Any Means Necessary (starring Tisha Campbell-Martin, Chante Moore, Shar Jackson, Guy Torry, Chico Benymon, and Dave Hollister) toured nationally and opened up more film opportunities.

For the past four years, Whitfield has been contracted to write, direct, and produce the Easter and Christmas productions for Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, pastored by Dr. Tony Evans. His productions are revolutionizing their ministry. His wildly successful play, The Greatest Doubt not only garnered groundbreaking weekend attendance of over 12,000 attendees, but sparked interest from The Dallas Morning News creating a cover story.

He’s currently in production with his sixth play for OCBF. Whitfield’s goal is to bridge the gap between the Christian theater market and Broadway by focusing on content and elevating production values. He’s strategically blueprinted his career to win souls for the Kingdom… one play at a time.

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