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Become A HomeBlesser


How To Become A HomeBlesser


During our first outreach, a homeless woman exclaimed, "Don't give me no hygiene stuff, I need currency!" We laughed at her emphatic delivery, but we agreed with her words.  It's no secret, it takes money to truly meet the needs of our homeless.  Though we are not a non-profit, we use every dollar given to bless the homeless in various ways: tents, sleeping bags, gift cards, hotel stays, food, clothing, transportation, to name a few. Furthermore, we aim to raise funds to support production expenses of our web-series. So, rest assured every hard earned dollar you contribute will help change the lives our nation's homeless. 


We want a team of energetic volunteers with an eagerness to serve our homeless.  Whether it's volunteering at one of our HomeBless Life events or teaming up to serve at various local homeless organizations... We need you!  It can be as simple as sharing our social media posts... You can help impact lives and bring hope to our homeless.


We love to see how individuals are being a blessing to the homeless in your city.  It can be as simple as giving a homeless friend a cold drink on a hot day, taking him/her out to dinner, inviting them to the movies, treating them to a hotel night... we want to see you "b" the blessing.  Post your good deed on social media with the hashtags #btheblessing #homeblesser and let's start a movement to bless the world's homeless population.  We'll create a special section on this site to showcase these random acts of kindness.


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