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HomeBless Life – Ep. 1 (Alvin’s Blessing)

Laterras R. Whitfield is a man on a mission. A mission to bless the homeless.

When Laterras first met Alvin, who is homeless, his one wish was to have a brand new tent and “just to be comfortable.”

After an outpouring of support from a simple Facebook post, Laterras head to REI to get Alvin setup.

Laterras and the HomeBlessers got to work to give Alvin exactly what he wanted, and so much more.

Watch how they help make Alvin’s simple request a reality.

“HomeBless Life” is an inspirational web-series, hosted by national playwright and director Laterras R. Whitfield, that displays acts of kindness to bless the homeless. Whitfield and his team dedicates each episode to converge on a homeless individual or group of the displaced and blesses them beyond their wildest dreams. This series motivates viewers to, “b” the blessing for the homeless.

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