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Meet Sincere

Meet Sincere. Well, that's the name he goes by. I thank God for allowing me to meet precious souls like him. He's been out of prison for two weeks. He served a twelve year sentence for aggravated assault on a civil servant.

Sincere is sincerely homeless.

Rebuilding his life on nothing by faith. No immediate family. Mom died from cancer and his sister's life was ended by vehicular homicide... Both while he was incarcerated. I broke up he and another homeless man arguing over turf of an intersection for panhandling. There was Sincere and a wheel chair bound man with an open gash on his forehead going at it. The altercation occurred across the street from Parkland Hospital, my birthplace.

Me - What's the problem?

Wheelchair Guy - He hit me. Call the police!

Me - No he didn't. I watched the whole thing.

Wheelchair Guy - You right. He didn't hit me. I lied.

(I fell out laughing.)

Sincere - (furious) He's a crackhead! All he wants is drugs! I'm trying to get food.

Me - How about I take both of you to eat? Meet me across the street at Wendy's.

Sincere moves to help push the wheelchair guy across the street.

Wheelchair Guy - I want money. I don't want food.

Sincere - Told you! All he wants is drugs. Let's go, sir, I'm hungry!

We sat at Wendy's and talked. My temp son and his brother, who's also my nephew, helped to serve him. I learned about his past pain. I listened to his optimism for a better life. I fought back tears hearing his present situation of feeling alone in the world. I asked where he slept. He pointed out the window at the medium and said, "Over there." Then, he pointed towards another window and said, "Or over there. Grass is more comfortable than you think."

He went on to say, "Being homeless is worse than being in jail."


"I got three meals a day in jail and at least I had a roof over my head."

"If you had a tent, where could you put it," I asked.

He shared with me the whereabouts of his choice location. I said, "Let's go get you one."

He was overcome with emotion and couldn't believe it. He hugged and thanked me repeatedly.

Thank you for all of you who have ever donated to the HomeBless Life. You make this possible.


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